Friday, February 24, 2012

The Fortune Teller Bar

For those of you who may not know, I am opening my own beer bar this year. I have chosen a location (Cherokee Street) and I'm going through the all the lovely processes one must endure to open a fine drinking establishment. This is what I've been doing as of late instead of blogging about The Great Saint Louis Beer Renaissance. Well, this and raising the coolest kid on the planet.

Can we talk about him for just a second? Don't worry, it's beer-related. So the other day I decided to take some time off of beer. Just a short vacation for my liver, really; I'm not a superhuman twenty-something anymore. I was mentioning this time off to my son and, wow, was he was excited. Because one of the few things this extremely observant 4-year-old knows about beer is that, when Daddy drinks beer, he usually leaves the house to do it, and usually doesn't bring Little Man along with. Therefore, beer = lame. So I was enjoying a big celebratory hug when my son pulls back and says this: "You know Dad, if you change your mind, you could still just drink some wine." So thoughtful!

So that's the update. Keep an ear out for The Fortune Teller Bar, and, quite possibly, someday, more from this blog.

See you down on Cherokee.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My latest discovery.

STL Taverns, in which some saucy local drinkers endeavor to document the area's more traditional corner bars. You can contribute, review and browse dives, sports bars, lounges, and of course taverns of note from the Innerbelt to the East Side. The simple prose of the guide serves the subject matter well, and reveals that the writers to be no mere slummers.

These are proper old-school bars. Chances are you won't find much craft beer in these establishments, but you will find lots of character and a link to a timeless part of St. Louis that's easy to forget about. After all, these businesses don't always have websites and Twitter feeds.

I like the simplicity of this website's maps. Instead of listing every neighborhood and municipality, the authors (thus far--it's a work in progress) have used colloquialisms to designate areas. For example, everything south-central from 44 down to Bevo is just "Tower Grove," and "State Streets" is, well, where you'd expect it to be. "North City" could use a few more divisions, though, setting apart the North of Downtown area and The Ville/MLK at least. And maybe S. Broadway should be its own category. (Ok, so I'm a map freak.)

Anyhoo, great site. This weekend, try to work a corner bar into your plans. They're inexpensive, and they're the lifeblood of Old Saint Louis. Be friendly and keep it simple. I recommend the Busch cans.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I can make stuff.

I just made pumpkin muffins.

I mean, I got a pumpkin, cleaned it out, cut it up, baked it, pureed it, mixed it with pumpkin ale and a bunch of other stuff, poured the mix into a muffin pan and stuck it in the oven until it became muffins.

And they were delicious.

If you knew what a terrible cook I was, you'd understand: this is significant. Maybe I'm not a cook, but a baker. That must be it. I am a baker. I bake. Feel the power.

(Credit is of course due to seven cookbooks, the internet, my wife who was in the next room, and to whomever at Schlafly posted Andy White's Pumpkin Ale Bread recipe on Twitpic. Thank you, thank you all.)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Coffee Stout tapped today at the Tap Room!

Coffee Stout tapped today at the Tap Room!
Coffee Stout tapped today at the Tap Room!
Coffee Stout tapped today at the Tap Room!
Coffee Stout tapped today at the Tap Room!
Coffee Stout tapped today at the Tap Room!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pete Brown nails it. Again.

My favorite English beer writer wrote a post recently about the World Cup idiocy involving ABInBev and the Dutch brewer Bavaria. It's a rant to be sure, but it's not some casual AB bash. It's a story that is truly, as he says, scary.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am so proud.

Check out this great story (and an even better video segment) produced by the BBC about local brewers reclaiming our city's beer heritage. The BBC!!

Somewhat less amazing, but nonetheless cool, is me in the Sunday New York Times. The Royale was listed as one of two bars to hit if you have only 36 hours in Saint Louis (the other being Fred's Six Feet Under), and there's a picture of me pouring beer for a few of my favorite people.