Friday, January 2, 2009


Everybody's already saying it's better than 2008. Adios, shitty recession/corporate bailout/lame duck/torture/Prop 8/Palin/ABInBev/Blagojevich/Madoff scumfest. On the other hand, thanks for the new president. We were kind of embarrassed for the last guy. Party at my house Jan 20th.

Speaking of ABI...well, let's not. I'm just waiting to see how the distribution scene changes. Just another reason to DRINK MORE LOCAL BEER. And while hometown brewers are putting out some respectable brews that may be called extreme by some, I like Lew Bryson's suggestion that we make 2009 The Year of the Session. I know that I've been rediscovering the joy of having quite a few little ones as opposed to just a couple big ones. Let's reward those brewers who remember how to put out a nice English- or German-inspired pint of Everyday Beer. Mild, keller, ordinary, helles--these are the exciting beers in my world right now. No dis to the Belgians or Californians--ever--but, y'know, I just keep thinking of that scene in Beerfest. Remember, where the guys drink the family's beer for the first time and love it so much that they start rattling off all the celebratory and pornographic things they want to do with the beer? Well, that wasn't barrel-aged quad. That was dark lager. That's the beer I want to spend some quality time with in the upcoming year.