Friday, February 24, 2012

The Fortune Teller Bar

For those of you who may not know, I am opening my own beer bar this year. I have chosen a location (Cherokee Street) and I'm going through the all the lovely processes one must endure to open a fine drinking establishment. This is what I've been doing as of late instead of blogging about The Great Saint Louis Beer Renaissance. Well, this and raising the coolest kid on the planet.

Can we talk about him for just a second? Don't worry, it's beer-related. So the other day I decided to take some time off of beer. Just a short vacation for my liver, really; I'm not a superhuman twenty-something anymore. I was mentioning this time off to my son and, wow, was he was excited. Because one of the few things this extremely observant 4-year-old knows about beer is that, when Daddy drinks beer, he usually leaves the house to do it, and usually doesn't bring Little Man along with. Therefore, beer = lame. So I was enjoying a big celebratory hug when my son pulls back and says this: "You know Dad, if you change your mind, you could still just drink some wine." So thoughtful!

So that's the update. Keep an ear out for The Fortune Teller Bar, and, quite possibly, someday, more from this blog.

See you down on Cherokee.