Monday, January 11, 2010

Almost forgot

There's a new Dave Bailey joint opening up downtown, next door to Left Bank Books and down the street from Bailey's excellent spot Rooster. The Bridge will be opening sometime this month. The Post has this blurb about it ( and that's all I know. Dave knows his beer, so this "tap house and wine bar" should have an excellent selection.


Hello again. The holidays are finally over--well, The Holidays are over. Personal celebrations continue unabated, filling up my schedule like a dance card.

Like Burns Night at the Tap Room on Jan. 25th. Scotch ale, Scotch whisky, scotch eggs, bagpipes and haggis. And my mother-in-law drumming in the pipe band! Best way to start the new year.

Then there's my buddy Joey Finn's 30th birthday at some dive bar on the Southside. Joe isn't really my buddy, though--he's family. He's the seventh Thenhaus. He's the only non-blood relative who can walk into my parents house, grab a sandwich and a beer, park it at the kitchen table and watch the game and no one bats an eye. Happy birthday, brother.

Two more occasions at the Tap Room follow. The Royale is having their "Xmas party" there next week, and then Schlafly holds their annual Employee Reunion party the week after. Good thing it's one of my favorite places.

This month of fun winds up with my old man's retirement party. Thirty-four years and two months of working for the Veteran's Administration and now he gets to put his feet up. Which of course he won't do. He'll still be running around his back yard chasing my two-year-old, helping me put my house back together, and climbing onto his roof every Christmas to put the damn huge star up. Saturday the 30th, we'll try to get to sit down and enjoy himself in his own home, surrounded by all of us ne'er-do-wells, raising a glass in his honor. Congratulations, Dad. You made it.